Why diabetics should learn Jiu Jitsu

Why diabetics should learn Jiu Jitsu


Diabetes itself is a battle and you must be mentally strong if you want to win that said battle. Science has shown that being fit and healthy is a good way to keep your diabetes at bay. One sport I have found that has been keeping me active and building me up mentally is Jiu jitsu. Jiu Jitsu is a martial arts style that consists of grappling and throws and is considered human chess. Just like placing a child in a karate gym to boost their confidence and keep them healthy, jiu jitsu is the adult’s version.


Finding a Jiu Jitsu Gi

Before you enroll in any classes, you will need a gi. A gi is the coat and uniform you wear when you practice jiu jitsu. Having a good gi is essential as it can dictate your movements and grappling abilities. If you’re having trouble finding a gi, here’s a good website that showcases and outlines the best bjj gi


Traveling to Help Diabetes: Finding Travel Buddies on Forums

Travelling has been known to reduce stress which is why diabetics should travel. An onset of stress has a magnitude of ill effects on diabetes which is why its important to keep stress levels at a check. If your worried about bringing your sleep apnea machine or your blood sugar machine, look into it luggage (luggage set that is very light weight). One common excuse I always find people saying is that they have no one travel with. The best way around that is to simply visit a dedicated travel forum.